Das Erste Improvisierende Streichorchester - The First Improvisation String-Orchestra (E.I.S.)

The E.I.S. is a pure string ensemble. The musicians with backgrounds from classical music to jazz, oriental or improvisation come from all over Germany and Switzerland. Since 1984, they explore the sound-dimensions of their instruments, using unorthodox technique and new forms of interaction and group improvisation. The orchestra develops exceptional performances for buildings, places and large-scale musical LandArt for cities and landscapes. In concert halls, the whole room including the stage is played and incorporated into the performance.

Essential characteristic of the E.I.S. is a continually reviewed grass-root democratic understanding of cooperation, open for all kinds of musical styles, without conductor, with ad-hoc groups for project initiatives, planning and organisation. Rehearsals are organized as workshops for further elaboration of innovative techniques and sounds, of group improvisation and physical presence on stage and for the spatially large-scale concepts. Additional to the sound-research, the ensemble sees improvisation as a chance to expand the potential of communication in our every-day life. 

Since 9-11, the E.I.S. plays "peace-concerts". With these events the orchestra realizes its desire to respond to the disasters of war and causes of flight and displacement, creating moments of reflection and confidence, a contribution being presently more important than ever.  


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